Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Companies in Brazil

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Companies in Brazil

Available in classrooms, industrial processes, construction and online shopping, the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has become popular and attracted attention for its innovation. Its application is wide and appears as an intelligent solution for many segments.

In an innovative country like Brazil, the number of companies offering these technologies is growing. In this blog post, we listed companies that offer Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality for the success of their customers. Check out our list below and see how these technologies are revolutionizing different markets.

Virtual Reality in medical education

The medical field is constantly advancing to bring the best treatments to patients. Today, doctors are able to access their patients’ histories in real-time, even on the operating table, and are able to perform surgeries remotely.

A man using a holographic headset visualizes parts of the human body in an amplified proportion. Frame extracted from a video available on Medroom page:

In this industry of so many technological transformations, a startup focused on teaching health professionals uses Virtual Reality to create immersive environments capable of demonstrating the functioning of the organism seen from the inside. It’s MedRoom.

With their solutions, professionals and students can interact with different parts of the body, isolating organs and systems for better visualization and easier learning.

Virtual Reality in architecture

In the real estate industry, for example, instead of using traditional physical mockups, today we can use virtual 3D models to present and modify projects with much more agility and lower costs.

It is also possible to create an immersive experience for potential customers who can visit virtual environments that simulate the space that has been planned.

Examples of companies that provide solutions to this industry are DigitalKey and iTeleport. Among its solutions, we find the creation of virtual models and the so-called Virtual Tour.

Augmented Reality in heavy industry

In the heavy industry, Techplus offers its customers the possibility of applying Augmented Reality to achieve different benefits, including greater process efficiency, as well as greater employee safety.

Mobile device shows in its screen instructions with the aid of Augmented Reality in the traditional industry, and hands are interacting with the screen.

In an equipment maintenance’s procedure, for example, an organization can offer its employees an explanatory video, which brings alert messages and guidance on what steps must be taken to complete the procedure, avoiding damage and speeding up its completion.

Video Games and Expanded Reality

Probably the market that most used the so-called Expanded Reality, that is, the umbrella that brings together Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, as we explain here, was the games market.

Whether using consoles, holographic headsets or even mobile devices, we can already find different innovative applications in this market.

The ARvore team, for example, offers games in Virtual Reality and immersive experiences, like Pixel Ripped 1995, which makes us revive the classic games of the 90s. In addition to other awards, the team won the Emmy (first for a Brazilian studio) for its innovation in interactive programming in 2020.

In parallel, the VRMonkey team offers games such as Viking Days, a Virtual Reality simulator that takes us to experience the Viking’s day-to-day life at first sight!

Augmented Reality for e-commerce

By relying only on photos and written information on the websites, we are used to buying products that we end up having to return right after the purchase. Exchanges and cancellations are still frequent in the digital environment, although we are already beginning to see the solution to this problem with the resources brought by Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality in e-commerce brings the possibility of visualizing products such as furniture, appliances and decoration items in the user’s environment, facilitating their purchase from a captivating and innovative experience, which accelerates sales and reduces costs with reverse logistics, as we started to be able to analyze aesthetic details that were previously impossible. Try it now by scanning the QR Code shown below:

One of our demonstrative QRCodes, that can be accessed with a mobile device, without the need for apps. The picture shows the QRCode and a Samsung TV.

This is an example of what we have made possible for our customers: a unique experience that makes all the difference in the shopping experience offered by companies that have already adopted Augmented Reality.

If you also want to surprise your customers and want to build a success story with the innovations that are coming to the online sales market, contact our team and learn more about our work with Augmented Reality.