Success Story

How Wood Prime increased their sales by 102% YoY using Augmented Reality

About the company

Wood Prime is a customizable furniture and decoration store, pioneers selling customizable furniture online. They offer exclusivity, style and comfort to their clients since 2011 and have technological innovation in their DNA!

If you can dream, you can do it

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. That seems to be the case of the Wood Prime team: at their very beginning, with everything in place and ready, they had to sell their products in marketplaces, because an agreement had been broken by the physical store lessor. Two years later, they opened another sales channel: their e-commerce store.

But the customization brings an additional challenge to selling furniture online: as numerous the variety of options, the more complex is to sell them and the more expensive is the reverse logistics operations.

And with COVID-19 pandemics, the fear of leaving home and go shopping increased Wood Prime customers’ challenge to visualize how their desired furniture would fit in their spaces, which showed that the company’s operation would become less and less viable, given the costs to offer a good experience.

Looking for easing the buying process, Wood Prime team searched for innovative technologies that could help the user experience. That was the moment when they noticed a big market retailer using 3D models and got to R2U, the company supplying the technology.

We don’t take the easiest path

Initially, they hoped to offer their clients the possibility to visualize their products in a 360° view and found in the R2U team the partner that doesn’t avoid challenges to offer complete solutions, those that meet the expectations.

Besides the Augmented Reality applied to diverse furniture models, which allows users to see the products in real size in their space using only a smartphone’s browser, an online customization solution has been created: the Wood Prime Personalizator, which brings the possibility of choosing among different lining, paintings and fabrics without leaving product pages, in addition to its visualization in the real space, with high fidelity.

Throughout the partnership, the quality of the 3D models enhanced continuously, the team of R2U designers brought more veracity to them, without increasing the archives’ weight available online, allowing higher proximity between e-commerce users and their future customizable furniture, maintaining an excellent buying experience.

The Results

With that, Wood Prime stood out from the direct and indirect competitors, avoiding price-based competition with the aid of Augmented Reality customization.

The products in which were applied the technology reached a better conversion rate compared to the others, which led the team to offer immediate send of those products, besides the creation of bigger stocks to meet clients demand.

Throughout last year, a sales increase of 102% was achieved, whereas the e-commerce sales of the segment of furniture and decoration in Brazil reached on the same period an increase of 53%, according to an ebit|Nielsen research.

printscreen of Wood Prime's website, showing the Personalizator feature, that allows user to select components of a furniture before visualizaing it in the real space with Augmented Reality
Sales increase Year over Year
+ 102 %

Client testimonial about the partnership

“I was expecting to offer a 360° view to ease my clients’ buying process, but Augmented Reality supplemented the users’ experience and strengthen the sales in a surprising way! The Personalizator multiplied the results! With the R2U team, we always have had the openness to dialogue and sharing ideas. The team always have had a good relationship with us, showing commitment to our challenge. They didn’t look for the easiest way, but for that which would better meet our needs. One of the characteristics the more surprising was the quality delivered by the R2U team: the difference between surface finishes with glass or matt let everyone surprised! We had already tried to develop this work with other suppliers without success, and the R2U team turned it possible.”

Diego Soledade

Wood Prime Founder

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Augmented Reality

Our solution implements AR in your sales channels – website, physical media, Whatsapp, Telegram , telesales, live commerce, among others – with no need of an app. Our technology is activated by the mobile phone camera via QR-code, which allows users to place your product on any physical surface.

Turn on your camera and point your smartphone at the QR-code to experience Augmented Reality.

3D Viewer

With our 3D Viewer, users of your website (or other sales channels) can interact with your product, analyzing all its angles and making a safer and more fascinating purchase. Check how it works below.

3D Customizer

Allows your customers to test all the variations of your products (colors, prints and textures) with no need to access different product pages. This makes the experience more personalized, accelerating the purchase process. Click below to see how it works.

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