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How Mobly increased product page conversion by 80% using Augmented Reality

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About the Company

The company was founded in 2011, focusing on the online sales of furniture and decoration. In 2018, it went public on the Frankfurt stock exchange and raised €170 million following a merger with Germany's Home24.

The Challenge

Increase the conversion rate and session time of your users, proven through A/B testing.

The Results

Our 3D viewer allowed the users to see every angle of the product, making a purchase much safer and more certain.

Besides that, with R2U Augmented Reality technology, the users can visualize the desired product in their space, making the buying without the need to get measures or search for more information to combine the furniture with the rest of the room.

Increased conversion of engaged users
+ 82 %
Session time
+ 115 %

Client testimonial about the partnership

“The partnership with R2U has been excellent. The startup’s solution provides our customers with a differentiated shopping experience, in addition to generating loyalty, increasing sales, streamlining purchasing processes and reinforcing the integration of the physical and digital universes, thus extending our omnichannel concept.

Eduardo Soares

Product Manager

Let your customer see all the details of your products

Augmented Reality

Our solution implements AR in your sales channels – website, physical media, Whatsapp, Telegram , telesales, live commerce, among others – with no need of an app. Our technology is activated by the mobile phone camera via QR-code, which allows users to place your product on any physical surface.

Turn on your camera and point your smartphone at the QR-code to experience Augmented Reality.

3D Viewer

With our 3D Viewer, users of your website (or other sales channels) can interact with your product, analyzing all its angles and making a safer and more fascinating purchase. Check how it works below.

3D Customizer

Allows your customers to test all the variations of your products (colors, prints and textures) with no need to access different product pages. This makes the experience more personalized, accelerating the purchase process. Click below to see how it works.

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With R2U's Augmented Reality you'll increase your site conversion rate, optimize your customers' buying experience and reduce logistic costs.

R2U was founded in 2016 with the vision that Augmented Reality would completely change the way people interact with the world around them. Join the movement!

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