Realidade aumentada para Varejo

Melhoramos a Experiência de Compra de seu usuário

Aumente a taxa de conversão do seu site e o tempo de sessão do usuário.

Para que serve a realidade aumentada para e-commerce

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Let your customer see all the details of your products

Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality solution allows the user to experience the product in their home, both for iOS and Android directly through the browser, without the need for an app.

Point your mobile device camera to the QR code and experience augmented reality.

3D viewer

Our 3D viewer allows your user to see every angle of the product, making a purchase much safer and more certain.

3D Customizer

Our 3D customizer allows your customers to test all the combinations and possibilities of your product.

Case de Sucesso

Mobly aumenta conversão da página de produto em 80% no Desktop e no Mobile

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R2U in the voice of its members

R2U is structured with extremely qualified teams, people who are committed to delivering the best to our customers. Our culture is composed of people independence; knowledge sharing; a plurality of ideas to better decision making; life quality for personal full development, besides a questioner and adventure spirit.

We’re working from home since March 2020. The people took their computers home and the work routine remained quite the same.

I found in R2U a place where I feel really appreciated by what I do: my viewpoint matters, my work matters, every kind of feedback are welcome and the diversity of voices and ideas inside the company is actively searched. The result: better products, more innovators and more inclusives.

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