Is Augmented Reality for your business and your clients?

Is Augmented Reality for your business and your clients?

Augmented Reality, or AR, is becoming worldly popular. Many businesses are already seizing the opportunity in the most different markets.

But how can you know for sure AR is good for your company? And more urgently, is it accessible to your public? After all, there is no point in embracing a technology that your clients won’t be able to use.

To answer your question, today we will explain why AR isn’t an unattainable physical ideal. Augmented Reality isn’t only relevant, but most importantly it’s more approachable than it seems.

Before we start, take note of what AR IS NOT!

If you don’t know exactly the meaning of Augmented Reality, we suggest you press pause on this article and refer to this other one first. But please make sure to come back afterwards because this is also important, all right?

One thing that usually keeps businesses from the benefits of AR, even before they understand it, is a couple of myths surrounding the technology. That’s why, before jumping to the most interesting part, you need to understand once and for all what AR isn’t:

1. Augmented Reality is difficult to use

Without a shadow of a doubt, every time we face a technology we don’t yet know, our first instinct is to believe we won’t figure out how to use it. But this is a big misconception when we are talking about Augmented Reality.

AR doesn’t require web extensions, browsers nor apps to be able to work. It has no use for accessories nor additional resources. How can we access it, then? It’s simple, and you require only two things:

  1. A link or a QR Code;
  2. An electronic device that is compatible with the technology.

Both can be integrated into different marketing strategies and not only to the website. It is possible to add it to an SMS text, a push button on your website or an e-mail. QR Code can even work on a television screen or printed on the packaging.

AR is so practical it becomes a good way to engage and share with others. Users will feel the need to invite other people to have the same experience they are having.

2. The technology is still excluding and unreachable

Maybe the biggest myth surrounding AR is that it is inaccessible. But Augmented Reality technology is already available in different devices with attractive price tags.

Below you can check popular smartphones that are already compatible with the technology:

  • Motorola One Action (Average price in April /2021: U$200,00)
  • Asus ZenFone 6 (Average price in April/2021: U$499,00)
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (Average price in April/2021: U$250,00)

In a general manner, we can experience Augmented Reality using devices equipped with Android 8.0 or later. The complete list of devices can be found on Google’s official website:

Talking about devices with iOS, we can experience Augmented Reality with iPhones 6S/SE and superiors; iPads 5 and superiors, besides iPod touch 7th generation. The complete list of Apple devices that offer the technology can be found on the official website of the company:

Besides that, AR doesn’t require additional resources like paid apps, 3D glasses or bracelets; in other words, these articles, which would make using the technology more expensive and therefore harder for part of the public to access, aren’t necessary to experience web AR.

3. Its implementation is expensive and long

Since virtual platforms or apps are of no use to web AR, implementing the technology is cheaper and quicker. R2U team requires only a few days to bring Augmented Reality via the web to the users of your online shop.

Even if your business doesn’t own 3D models optimized for an immersive experience, it is possible to build such models before making them available to the public through AR.

Definitive proofs that AR is for your public

People who value your product, been it furniture, appliances or decoration items, for example, are the people that value:

The allure to what’s new

Do you remember when we used to think it incredible the ability to send a document through a machine and it would appear in a machine in another office miles away? Think of that, this was the fax. Look at how far we’ve come since then.

AR allows the user to feel amazed again. Thanks to it, people can relish a technology that is not only useful but also innovative.

A simpler and more efficient buying decision

Many companies are offering various products nowadays. They do their best to bring out details, making images, videos, and descriptions available so information becomes more precise.

AR, though, brings much more than all that.

It’s not about the company choosing the best angles to showcase a product to the user. With the technology, the users themselves visualize the products and choose which is the best for them. This process makes it possible for the user to be independent, from beginning to end.

A quicker and more efficient way to solve doubts

When users ask: “what are the dimensions of this fridge?”, what they mean is: “will this fridge fit in my kitchen?”. Doesn’t matter how many answers you put on a FAQ page, you won’t be able to answer exactly what they want to know, but AR will. Therefore, Augmented Reality foresees needs and provides what the user wishes for in the best possible way.

An interaction that results in connection

A report by Accenture shows that 50% of consumers recall a brand thanks to its immersive adds and 47% feel more connected to the products due to them.

A connection created with the user through interactive resources is real. It’s no coincidence that many businesses saw social media as fertile land to grown branding strategies and to build their reputation. Social media is, before all, about interaction.

Interaction creates interest and memorization, which in result crystallizes as the user’s preference. That is because interaction builds relationships, which is what humans inherently search for.

Now that you know how your clients can benefit from AR, are you ready to take the next step? You can start by checking out the products R2U offers to help you increase your business sales.