How is Augmented Reality helping Mobile First strategies?

How is Augmented Reality helping Mobile First strategies?

Smartphones have evolved so much in the last few years that some people already started replacing computers with them.

We spend a lot of time on our cellphones and through these devices we are able to tackle many tasks such as paying bills, reading the news and shopping, besides being able to communicate with each other of course.

It’s been a while since the global access to the internet through smartphones exceeded the access via computers; and it doesn’t look like this is going to change.

Therefore, the smart thing to do is thinking of business strategies that focus on the devices we use the most, right? 

This is the essence of Mobile First.

What does Mobile First mean?

Mobile First is the concept that defines the UX strategies for websites and digital apps, thinking primarily about the user experience in mobile devices.

Until very recently, the standard procedure was to create interfaces for desktop users; and only after, they were adjusted for cellphones and tablets.

Thinking of mobile devices first takes us on a different journey: mobile devices’ screen guides the company’s digital strategies.

When building Mobile First projects, elements such as design, functionality and applicability are taken into account.

Why is it important to think of the mobile experience first?

Mobile First invites us to match the change in the public’s behavior, migrating from desktop to the mobile and adapting tools in accordance with the transformation brought by new technologies.

This change caused impacts on the user experience as a whole. 

Remember the pop-ups for a moment; if in the past they were considered a good communication tool, in this scenario they are a no-go.

Since the cellphone has a smaller-size screen, filling the interface with adds can create visual pollution, which will probably make users leave your website really fast.

Mobile devices are light and practical. During a busy daily schedule or away from the house, a smartphone is the quickest way to solve issues.

What are the benefits when investing in Mobile First?

Since we already know what a Mobile First strategy is and why it is important nowadays, let’s get familiar with the advantages of using it.

Google ranking

As a digital marketing tool, Mobile First is a great ally to conquering efficient SEO and Google ranking.

Since the latest algorithm updates, Google has started prioritizing the mobile version of websites while indexing and showing them among results.

Nowadays, part of the criteria to provide a website with a good ranking position is its mobile device responsiveness, in other words, whether they offer a good mobile experience to the users.

Working on this feature, it is way more possible for your brand’s website to rank higher on search engines.

Loading speed

When we think about browsing on mobile devices, we must think about how quick people consume content through these gadgets.

The usage is usually immediate, and not always users are connected to broadband internet.

Thereby, it is best for websites to be optimized, providing the search results in the smallest time possible and consuming low data.

With Mobile First, the website design is created with the purpose of gathering the most important information and, as a result, guaranteeing a quick page loading.

This is also an element taken into account by the search engines, which favours the previously mentioned ranking.

User experience improvement

Strategies such as Mobile First can also impact the experience a user is undergoing while navigating through your website.

When the whole structure is focused on mobile devices, the result will be a cleaner, more functional and more organized interface.

This is possible by optimizing spaces and prioritizing information, making the navigation more pleasant and intuitive.

After a positive experience, the user instantly feels the need to explore the website in a deeper way and get to know more about the company, which results in higher engagement and bigger conversion rates.

How can you use Mobile First in your strategy?

There are some smart ways of using Mobile First practically in your business. Check out the below examples in different types of platforms:


Is a website the business’ flagship? If the answer is yes, then it is necessary to build it focusing on the smartphone navigation: adjusting design, optimizing it for SEO and working on the information display.

Considering this, it is good to consider the “less is more” rule.

The advice is to focus on short and objective sentences, images and light resources and as well as quick solutions with few clicks.


Apps are an excellent way of providing more information without making the platform heavier because its structure is built for it.

But it is also necessary to think of the loading speed and applying few clicks, so the user can get to its goal without delays.

Social media

When it’s time to create content for social media, it is good to favour vertical images and few texts; they are ideal for those who consume information through mobile devices.

Videos are the type of content that results in higher engagement in social media, so it is also a good idea to focus on this format, following the recommendations on each platform.

E-mail marketing

While attempting to build a relationship with the public by e-mail, it is nice to choose templates that are optimized for mobile devices.

If not, there is a risk of sending an e-mail in the wrong format, which will appear on the user’s screen with information all over the place.

Besides not conveying the correct message to the public, this also hurts the company’s credibility and has a direct impact on sales.

How can Augmented Reality help Mobile First strategies?

When we unite the Mobile First strategy with Augmented Reality, we are providing an attractive and innovative way of shopping, by charming clients.

During 2020, a lot of new users started using e-commerce and, as we talked about before, we now have more users choosing mobile devices over computers.

As consumers, we are also more connected, and we search for a lot of information before buying online, which makes us more demanding than we were a few years ago.

On a Mobile First world, Augmented Reality offers more security to the consumers, making them able to evaluate details about the items such as household appliances and furniture before the buying decision.

With R2U solutions, a client can customize the product which he desires, check details in 360-degree perspective and even visualize the product in a space of their choice, simply using their smartphone. That is what we call Web AR.

By using the technology, you will be able to provide an amazing experience, which will in turn increase sales and reduce logistics costs. It is a match made in heaven!

Strategies like Mobile First allied to Augmented Reality make it possible for your company to reach its maximum potential, presenting the users with an experience never seen before. 

Besides all the advantages, it also has the ability to establish your brand as a groundbreaking business.