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R2U is a team of extreme quality, with people dedicated to delivering the best to customers, together. Their culture is composed of values as the independence of the people and teams; the knowledge sharing; the individuality complemented by the diversity for the plurality of ideas and best decisions; prioritizing life quality for the full personal and professional development; besides a questioning and adventure spirit.

We’re in home office since March of 2020, and we’re handling well with all those sudden changes. The people took the computers home and the work routine stayed quite the same.

I found in R2U a place where I feel really valued by what I do: my thoughts matter, my work matter, all kinds of feedback are always welcome, and the diversity of voices and ideas inside the company are not just encouraged, but also actively searched. And the result is very positive for all: better products, more innovative e inclusive.

Our values



We make the impossible happen. We believe in the power of innovation and challenge ourselves to continuously deliver what nobody knew was possible.




We’re owners of our business, of our time, and results. Every person knows their best way of doing the show happen.




We’re continuously searching for new knowledge and we learn from our mistakes and successes. We embrace the change with readiness, agility and flexibility.




No one alone is better than all of us together. The diversity of people and the plurality of ideas makes innovation happen. Be yourself and enjoy the ride!



Client focus

You are your experience specialist, and your experience is our priority.




Doing right what is right. High patterns of success are delivered by high patterns of integrity, quality and commitment to what we do.


Articles and news

R2U was founded in 2016 with the vision that augmented reality would completely change the way people interact with the world around them.

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