The only Augmented Reality company focused on retail

Let your products look more attractive to your customers with a technology that can be used in all sales channels.

Who have joined the moviment:

With Augmented Reality your company will:

Show products full of details

Make the purchase process easier, with all the visual details about your products.

Improve branding

Conquer the market by bringing innovation to your products and standing out from the competition.

Improve your customer journey

Build customer loyalty by providing a great experience when viewing your products in their home.

Reduce costs with reverse logistics

Avoid transportation costs and reverse logistics expenses by making the purchase more assertive.

Let your customer see all the details of your products

Augmented Reality

Our solution implements AR in your sales channels – website, physical media, Whatsapp, Telegram , telesales, live commerce, among others – with no need of an app. Our technology is activated by the mobile phone camera via QR-code, which allows users to place your product on any physical surface.

Turn on your camera and point your smartphone at the QR-code to experience Augmented Reality.

3D Viewer

With our 3D Viewer, users of your website (or other sales channels) can interact with your product, analyzing all its angles and making a safer and more fascinating purchase. Check how it works below.

3D Customizer

Allows your customers to test all the variations of your products (colors, prints and textures) with no need to access different product pages. This makes the experience more personalized, accelerating the purchase process. Click below to see how it works.

Mobly increases product page conversion by over 80%

+ 82 %
Increased conversion of engaged users
+ 115 %
session time

What our customers are saying

R2U in the voice of its members

R2U is structured with extremely qualified teams, people who are committed to delivering the best to our customers. Our culture is composed of people independence; knowledge sharing; a plurality of ideas to better decision making; life quality for personal full development, besides a questioner and adventure spirit.

We’re working from home since March 2020. The people took their computers home and the work routine remained quite the same.

I found in R2U a place where I feel really appreciated by what I do: my viewpoint matters, my work matters, every kind of feedback are welcome and the diversity of voices and ideas inside the company is actively searched. The result: better products, more innovators and more inclusives.

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